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From 1 July 2011, new legislation on electronic communications regarding information and approval of cookies. For more information about the new legislation, about cookies etcetera we recommend: Post- och telestyrelsen website. Most browsers allow easy control of cookies are available for a particular site and what they contain. Cookies can also be easily blocked or deleted using the browser.

Cookies at

Cookies are used at to remember language and store information about the links that are used when reaching For example, when someone has followed a link to, the cookies contain information to show who has recommended this visit to or which internet advert someone has clicked on. This information is stored should you choose to register yourself as a Buzzador and is used to give points to the person who recommended a visit to Buzzador’s website. The cookies can also be used to gather data on website usage and be used to help the user log in by saving the logging in information on the user’s computer.

If you visit sites related to and have not set their browsers to block cookies, deemed to have approved the setting of cookies.