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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Act – Privacy Policy

The purpose of the Personal Data Act is to protect people from violation right to privacy through the processing of personal data.

Buzzador AB complies with the regulations of the Personal Data Act.

Use of Personal Data Act in Buzzador AB

Buzzador AB does not keep records of user’s social security numbers (only birth date). Some campaigns may require social security number for your product / service to be delivered. In such cases this is stated clearly and the user enters his/her social security number only for the purposes of this campaign, but the information is not stored in Buzzador AB’s register.

Buzzador AB does not process personal data on:

• racial or ethnic origin,

• political opinion,

• religious or philosophical beliefs,

• membership of trade unions.

Buzzador AB only stores information that the individual user has provided himself (except IP address).

Buzzador AB requires that the registrant approves contract terms which include the following text:

”By registering at the user approves that Buzzador AB can use the information for the purpose of contacting him/her via e-mail”.

The user can always manually change or delete the data.

The user may at any time ask to be removed from Buzzador AB’s registry. However, historical data is not deleted, for example which campaigns the user has participated in.

Information on the Personal Data Act is available at